Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Aspen is her mother's child.  

She and I find something that holds our interest and THAT becomes our obsession.  Well... until the next thing comes along.

Mine have ranged from cleaning, scrap-booking, sewing, YARD WORK (yes... to some people this is our version of RELAXATION).  Notice "doing toilets or showers" is not on that list.

Aspen's current THING is pushing her silly stroller around.  It isn't enough to just push it... but her two favorite bears have to be IN the stroller and positioned JUST right.  First thing in the morning, before she has even had a chance to sit up in bed, she is saying "PUSH"... and off we go to push the bears.  It's a little annoying when I try to run errands and she thinks those bears need to come with us (yes... still attached to the stroller).  

The good part of it all:  I have learned that there are some things I can finally bribe her to do when she wants something bad enough.


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Lisa said...

that is the sweetest thing ever! We need to get our kiddos together to play! Gracie would love that! I can't believe how grown up your cute boys are! WHere has the time gone?

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