Thursday, May 14, 2009

out of her element

For being my clean freak, spending an hour in the garden helping put in some squash was VERY out of her comfort zone.  Bare foot in the dirt, with rocks and dirt... and with BUGS (ants) all over the place she wasn't sure how to deal with it at first.  After putting in seeds, and using her little rake to put dirt on top she starting thinking differently about the whole ordeal.

The end result was 5 rows put into the garden, and a VERY messy girl.  Wet pants caked with dirt and mud... and mud on face and hands.

At least I'm training her early.  She should be able to put the entire garden in for me by the time she is 5.

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Ryan and Debra said...

Looks a lot like all three of my kiddos...dirty!

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