Sunday, May 24, 2009

This week... in a nutshell

Been a bit of a crazy week.  Aspen's last day with her regular sitter was Tuesday (because they went on vacation).  Wednesday I got to sneak her to school for an hour or so until her Grandma Deb picked her up.  She was a hit at school!  The girls doted, teachers took pictures of her (it's gotta be the hair!), and she LOVED all the attention.

Wednesday she and Grandma went to the Salt Lake city library,Thursday was the Tracy Aviary, where she got to feed the pelicans some fish, and Friday they met Morgan for lunch.  Spoiled little Aspen.

I had meetings on Thursday along with an awards assembly, but Friday brought the annual FRESHER TAG for all my classes.  It has been an yearly tradition since I taught PE back even before I taught full time.  The kids loved it then, and it just kinda stuck.  So that's what we will be doing on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  Rough life of a teacher :)

THANKS to Sneb for taking such great care of our baby this week.  LOVE YOU!

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Nathan and Shanna said...

What a fun packed week! Hopefully sometime soon I can get caught up with my posts!

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