Saturday, May 30, 2009

coke rewards


That's it.  $3.05 is what I paid for MY portion of this SWEET jacket from  I needed a new jacket since my other favorite one went for a trip after our last run together.  It was carelessly put into the bed of the truck, without thinking about the possibility of having it go for a flying adventure without me.  Some hobo that scrounges the side of the freeway for s
tuff will find a way to stay warm on his run.

The OTHER portion of the jacket was paid for with my coke rewards.  Well, ok... maybe not MY coke rewards.  I have had my students collecting their coke lids and box ends and bringing them in to me for about a month.

When I got my jacket in the mail today (I love getting treats in the mail), I opened it and on the inside tag hung the price tag:



That qualifies as my deal of the week, I do believe


kimg said...

Wow! Collecting bottle tops really does pay off!! That is so cool!

Nathan and Shanna said...

What a DEAL! That is really awesome.

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