Saturday, May 16, 2009

what it's all about

Nothing like spending time with loved ones doing something you love... especially when they love it too!

Brenden loves running... and I was super glad to have him along for the race today.  Especially since he WON!!  Thats right... THAT"S MY SON... the one at the front.

Hayden brought Aspen along and she thought the doves that were in the cages before the race were much cooler and more interesting than anyone running.  

I did however put my shirt on after the race, and she looked at the front of it and said "RUN RUN" to the picture of the 3 runners on the front of it.  hmmm... makes me think they just might have to have a running category for 3 year olds by next year.  We could have her trained by then.

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