Sunday, May 31, 2009


Did anyone else double check the calendar when they realized that yesterday was June 1st ?

June is like a big content sigh. 

June is birthday's, visits from family not seen in a long time. June is about cook-outs, big slices of cake, running in sprinklers and watching the popsicle juice drip down toddlers' arm. 

June is staying up late and drive-in movies. June is sitting outside first thing in the morning and reading the paper before everyone else is awake. 

June is about running in the grass with bare feet, giggling, letting your hair grow long, and getting sun-glass face tan lines. 

June is about drinking a cold homemade drink, smelling the rain on the pavement, and wearing nothing but flip-flops.

June is about telling Dad how much you love him, watching the plants grow and throwing the ball for the dog. June is writing with chalk and the smell of hot pavement. 

June is riding bikes until your legs start to ache. June is fresh strawberries and a slice of rhubarb pie.

The groan of the lawn mower. 
The greasiness of the sunscreen. 
The dirty feet.
The afternoon naps.
The tank tops.
The late afternoon sun hitting your book.
The music.
The freedom of not doing anything at all.
The open windows.
The drinking from the hose.
The quietness from being content.
The slap of the screen door behind you.

I have needed you June. I am so glad that you are finally here.


LaurieJ said...

So true! I think June is the best month :-)

Colbys said...

Ahhhhh, I couldn't agree more!

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